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Gwangju News is an all-English language monthly magazine and available free of charge. It is the first public English monthly magazine in Korea, first published in 2001, and is now considered as an international cultural exchange content of Gwangju. It covers local and regional issues, with a focus on activities of both the international residents and local English-speaking communities. It also contains Korean society, culture, travel, history, and living information. Gwangju News is published by Gwangju International Center, a Non-Profit Organization for Korean and international residents of Gwangju to join together and collaborate on community building.



Shin Gyonggu, Ph.D. (Publisher)

Dr. Shin has served the Gwangju International Center (GIC) as its volunteer director since 1999, when it was first established. He retired from Chonnam National University in 2013 after teaching there for 31 years. His passion for the community helped the GIC to grow from a one staff member to 22 staff member organization in 18 years. His vision for the international community created and nurtured numerous projects including Gwangju News, which began as the first English monthly for the general public of South Korea in 2001.

Dr David E. Shaffer, PhD (Editor-in-Chief)

David E. Shaffer, PhD is a long-time resident of Gwangju who has spent his career in education as a professor of English at Chosun University, teaching graduate and undergraduate language skills, teaching methodology, and linguistics. He has authored books and numerous articles on English teaching and learning as well as Korean language and culture. Dr. Shaffer is a long-time member of KOTESOL, a holder of various positions, and currently National President. He is a director of Asia TEFL. He was recently awarded the Republic of Korea’s Order of Merit for Service. David E. Shaffer is Vice-President of the Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter of Korea TESOL (KOTESOL) and is also the present editor-in-chief of the Gwangju News.

Eden Jones (Managing Editor/ Chief Proofreader)

Eden has been living in Korea since 2014 and enjoys reading, writing, snowboarding, and enchanting the locals with her violin when she can manage to find a spare minute away from her editing responsibilities at the Gwangju News. Eden became Managing Editor in September 2017.

Anastasia Traynin (Managing Editor)

Anastasia Traynin (Ana) is the co-editor of Gwangju News magazine.She has been a contributor to the magazine since fall 2013 and has been living in Gwangju since spring of that year. After teaching for three years at Hanbitt High School, she became a GIC coordinator in May 2016. She has passions for Korean social movements, alternative education, live music, languages, and writing.

Nathan Fulkerson (Online Editor)

Nathan Fulkerson is the online editor and site administrator for Gwangju News Online. He first began assisting in management of the website in the summer of 2012, and resumed management of the site upon his return to Gwangju in 2014. He is one of the co-organizers of the Gwangju Coders meetup and spends his free time learning about the latest technologies.

Joe Wabe (Creative Advisor)

Joe is an established photographer and the owner of Hat Dogs. He is always around helping us with photography and all the amazing covers.

Lorryn Smit (Photo Editor)

Lorryn Smit is a South African who has called Gwangju home for 7 years now. She is a recently turned full-time photographer specialising in documentary style wedding and portrait photography. She is also the editor in chief of a popular photography blog called Photographers in Korea and freelances for a variety of publications in Korea.

Karina Prananto (Administration and Layout Editor)

Karina, from Indonesia, has been on the Gwangju News team since 2007. She is currently in charge of administration and layout of the magazine.



Are you looking for ways to be actively involved with your community while spending time with fun and engaging people? Gwangju News always needs volunteers who want to share or gain expertise. We have plenty of opportunities for writers, copy editors, photographers, web and blog editors as well as graphic artists and creators.

Please contact our managing editor at [email protected] for volunteering inquiries. Email us today and start getting involved!



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