Fashion: Slip Away

Interviewed and translated by Kim So-i and Kim Dae-yong

Photographed by Karly Pierre

Fashion insight from 달팽이세마리(Three snails) boutique and their latest selection of slip-on footwear.
Gwangju News (GN): What is the most popular style now?Slip Away 1A

People prefer to wear wide pants because wide pants make people look slim, so they don’t need to worry about their thighs or hips. Also, it goes very well with various T-shirts, so it’s easy to style. You are able to work comfortably and be stylish.

GN:  What other popular styles have you noticed?

Most people prefer to wear blue colored T-shirts because it looks neat and cool. Nowadays, men prefer to wear dark-colored slacks contrary to woman. Woman wear flower printed pants.

Slip Away 4AGN:  What brands are popular?

No particular brand is popular. Many people wear simple dresses. I don’t wear brand names that often and I prefer to wear clothes with no brand. I look for good quality and prices.

GN:  How long has the shop been open?

For about six years. Many customers come to the shop when the seasons change. Even though they have a lot of clothes, they like to keep up with the latest fashions.

GN:  Which kinds of outfits do you recommend to customers and why?

Simple T-shirt and long skirt. I think a T-shirt goes with everything. Also, long skirts can flatter any shape and make our waistline stand out. Some people think that long skirts are only for tall girls, but that’s not true.

달팽이세마리(Three snails)

Address: 광주 동구 서석로7번길 6-32

 (6-32 Seoseokro 7beongil, Dong-gu, Gwangju)

Tel: 062-236-0887

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