Three Snails

By Kim Dae-yong and Jang Dong-ha

Three Snails is a popular boutique known for its sleek minimalist looks. The boutique’s owner spoke with Gwangju News about fashion trends in Gwangju this fall and winter season.

  1. Which items have you recommended to customers this fall?

Now we recommend wide slacks. I advise my customers to buy turtlenecks or one of our originally designed coats.

  1. Which colors are popular this fall?

Burgundy and navy blue are popular, but most of our customers like grey-black.



  1. DSCF0244(4)How are fashion trends in Gwangju changing?

In the past, more customers would often carry Louis Vuitton handbags. But, nowadays, it is changed. A lot of customers carry stylish bags by unknown designers.

4. What do you predict will be a popular clothing trend this winter?

Each of our clothing stores carries handmade original coats. Even though they are expensive, they will be popular because they are unique.


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