Sunburn and the Afterlife (Sunstroked Out)

This is the exception. It’s gonna be difficult. It’s gonna be painful.

Please let me know when you find the exact right place you want to go. This morning I’d just like to focus on the exact right position that I want to sleep in.

But alas, I’m in the wrong bed. And it’s already 5:30 anyways, so I probably won’t be able to get back to sleep.
The dog won’t get out of the room. He’s attached to the bit of floor here in the forbidden bedroom. And last time I dragged him out he peed on the floor.

We’ll be leaving this place soon. Leaving all our security and tidiness behind. Setting sail for the Old World. To see if there’s anything left there for us. To see if we left anything behind.

But I can’t help looking back in time and seeing faces that I loved once. Faces that left me behind. So hear me out. Listen to my tale. Of the one that got away. A slippery fish that tried to take me away from my home.

I wouldn’t go, and I got left alone here in this town. Where, I swear, I thought I’d drown. Finally launched myself out after getting so caught up. In a web. A web of lies. Entangling me and a scene. So there’s a hot soup for this morning’s breakfast.

A hearty meal for the road. One more cup of coffee, and I’m gone. I’m off again. This time for keeps.

Everywhere I go, there’ll be chickens, there’ll be days like this. There’ll be words and writing. But more so, there’ll be mountains to climb and wilderness to explore.

Break me up and I’m out of it. My daily routine. Drag me into the mountains. Where you never know. There might be a mountain lion or two to take me out. This could be my last dash. My last attempt at survival. When I left, I thought I was gone, but I ended up right back where I started. So many years ago, now. The first double rainbow. The first rocky mountain. The first time I saw the sky!

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