Unesco KONA Volunteers

KONA Storybook Center (KSC) is a registered small public library supported by UNESCO KONA Volunteers (UKV). UKV is a registered organization that helps disadvantaged children to learn English independently through storybooks and story-maps. We guide the family and children to develop a love of reading storybooks in English. We also give guidance to volunteers in using storybooks. We are looking for long-term volunteers who desire to enrich their lives. We are asking volunteers to commit to helping at least once a month.

The days for KONA volunteering and the facilities are as follows:
1. KONA Storybook Center: Every Saturday, 3–5 pm
2. Gwangju Children’s Home: 1st, 2nd, and 4th Saturday,
3rd Sunday, 3–5 pm
3. Grandmother’s Community Children’s Center:
4th Friday, 4–6 pm

For more information, please visit http://cafe.daum.net/konavolunteers or our Facebook pages for KONA Storybook Center and UNESCO KONA Volunteers, or contact Kim Young-Im 062-434-9887, or email [email protected]

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