Package Delivery

Written by GIC Staff
* From Gwangju Guidebook, 3rd Edition

General Parcel Delivery
Korea’s infrastructure is already considered a developed one, which makes delivery and transportation very convenient. It generally takes a day to have a parcel delivered, but in some cases, like on long holidays when there is an overload of mail, it may take two to three days. Please take note that all deliveries to Jeju Island will usually take about two days minimum and the fee may be double the regular fee of mainland post. Usually a deliveryman receives the parcel directly from a customer’s house, office, or other location and delivers it to wherever the customer wants. Rates vary depending on distance, parcel type, and weight. It is called “prepayment” (선불) when the sender pays, and “cash on delivery” (착불) when the receiver pays.

Korea Post
Korean Postal Service delivers mail nationwide and internationally. You can buy packaging boxes directly or use your own boxes to send parcels. Rates are usually calculated by box size and weight. If you cannot visit the post office directly, you can also apply for pick-up service at your preferred location (home, office). Rates may be slightly higher than if visiting the post office directly. For more information and rates, check their website:

Convenience Store Parcel Delivery
Several convenience stores send and receive parcels by courier whenever you visit the store and pay appropriate rates for the parcel delivery. Students and office workers normally prefer this method since convenience stores are open 24 hours and are very strategically located. CU and GS25 use CJ Express, and Ministop and 7-Eleven use Lotte Express (previously Hyundai Express). Rates can go as low as 2,600 won for a parcel of 350 grams and below for CU, GS25, and 7-Eleven, and 3,000 won for Ministop (this rate for same-region delivery).

GS25 and CU Post can also send parcels abroad. For more information, please check their websites: (CU Post), (GS25)

Express Bus Parcel Delivery
This delivery service uses an express bus that sends registered parcels from Gwangju’s U-Square Gwangcheon Bus Terminal. The service also sends messages or calls to receivers about relevant express bus arrival information. If the receiver is late, the parcel will be delivered to the parcel service office at the bus terminal. Express bus parcel services only handle prepaid (선불) parcels.

KTX Parcel Delivery
This express delivery service sends articles in a quarter of a day. Taking advantage of the KTX train service ensures arrival time to be quite accurate and the parcel to arrive safely. If you want to use the KTX parcel service, visit the business office in the train station or use an affiliated quick service.

Quick Service
This delivery service quickly sends small parcels by motorcycle or truck in 24 hours. You should make reservations online or by telephone, and pay the fare in cash or by bank transfer. If it is sent cash-on-delivery, a delivery person will ask the receiver for the fee. This service is usually only available within the same region or the same city.

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