Recycling and Garbage Disposal

* From Gwangju Guidebook, 3rd Edition

Waste matter, excluding food waste, reusable waste (recyclable), and large waste items such as furniture should be bagged in standard plastic garbage bags (called sseuregi bongtu, 쓰레기봉투), which are designated specifically for each district. You can buy these garbage bags from any local store (supermarket) in your district. What is most important is the name of each district printed on these bags. They come in various sizes (5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 liters). Fill the garbage bags, tie the bag twice in the shape of a cross, and leave the bags in any designated disposal area.

Food Waste

Inside apartment complexes, communal food waste bins are provided so residents can dispose of food waste together. In the case of a private house, villa, or one-room, residents can buy a food waste bin to dispose of their food waste individually. Markets sell a specific sticker each month to attach to the waste bin, costing 140 won per every 3 liters (e.g., 280 won for 6 liters). Food waste is collected every day in Gwangju, except Sundays. You can put a food waste bin out in the street, and later the waste disposal team will come to empty the bin’s contents. Make sure you put the lid on properly to contain the smell and prevent stray animals from picking through the trash.


Boxes or containers are placed in specific areas of apartment complexes to collect recyclable materials. In the case of private houses, residents should sort recyclable materials by type (plastic, plastic wrap, paper, glass, and/or cans), put them into individual plastic bags, and then place them outside for collection on the day designated for each district. If recyclable materials are mixed with general waste, the bags will not be collected.]

Large Waste Items

Waste that cannot fit into standard waste bags, such as furniture, electric home appliances, bedding, office machines, and air conditioners, should be collected separately. Every time each local center collects large waste items, a waste disposal fee is charged, but prices differ depending on volume.

How to Dispose of Large Waste Items:

  1. Notify the local district office (gu-cheong).
  2. The district office will confirm the matter and issue a sticker or stickers.
  3. Put the stickers on pertinent items.
  4. The district office will then collect the items.

Contact Information of Collecting Firms (Cleaning Administration Division of each District Office)

Dong-gu Office: 062-608-2442

Seo-gu Office: 062-360-7667

Nam-gu Office: 062-607-3632

Buk-gu Office: 062-410-6521

Gwangsan-gu Office: 062-960-8482

Free Collection of Large Waste Items

If you want to receive free collection services, you should make a reservation. Only home appliances are allowed. Since other items such as furniture do not fall under home appliances, you must pay an extra charge to dump those items (see phone numbers above). A minimum of three small electronic items will be collected (hair dryers, printers, electric fans, and other such items).

Korea Electronics Recycling Cooperative (전자제품폐기물콜센터)

Phone Number: 1599-0903


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