GIC Talk February Schedule

GIC Talk February Schedule

GIC Talk Monthly Theme: Around the World

This GIC Talk Monthly Theme will showcase GIC Talks from Speakers who would like to share their areas of expertise from different global settings to the GIC Talk audience

 Time & Location: Saturdays from 3 – 4 p.m., GIC Hall (Samho Center, 1st Floor)

For more information and/or a GIC Talk Application, contact [email protected] 

February 6

There will be no GIC Talk, due to Seollal. Enjoy the time with your family and friends, and we will see you for the next GIC Talk on February 13th!


February 13

Speaker: Nate Glab

Topic: Think Tank: House of Genius

The House of Genius is an approachable think tank that transforms the entire concept of think tank methodology. Originating in Boulder, Colorado, the United States of America, this organization provides networking opportunities for expansion of any community around the world. According to its official website, House of Genius is currently in over 30 locations in 11 countries, and the Speaker is interested in starting the conversation of a new chapter in Gwangju and/or in another part of Korea.

February 20

Speaker: Chris Doekpar

Topic: Gwangju African Community

More information about this GIC Talk is included in the GIC Talk Preview.


February 27

Speaker: KIM Eunjoo & PARK Sua

Topic: From the Youth Hope Project to a GIC Talk, the Amazing Experience of Two High School Girls

During the fall of 2014, two girls participated in an event that was hosted by the Korea Foundation and organized by the GIC. They were chosen as the best participating students and had a chance to go to Australia. Also, they participated in a second event in 2015 as staff members and continued helping with some events as youth volunteers at the GIC. Now, these two young girls will share about their amazing experience as speakers during this GIC Talk. Come to hear more from these two high school girls.

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