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How Do You Think the Asian Culture Complex Will Affect Gwangju?

Cheong Yun Hue: I witnessed the construction process of the Asian Culture Complex (ACC) for a long time. As a student at Chosun University located near ACC, I am very interested in ACC’s success. I think that the ACC will give a sparkle to Gwangju. Also, the greatest advantage of having the ACC is citizens can experience it firsthand. Since its opening, many people have visited the Center. I think an outdoor stage makes the streets more festive. I hope ACC helps citizens to enjoy a variety of cultures.

Antonio: Most people know that Gwangju is well known as a city of culture. Are there any places where Gwangju citizens could enjoy and experience culture? My answer before now was no. But, the ACC has changed Gwangju into a real cultural city. I participated in ACC festivals twice. One of the activities held by ACC was for children. During the festival, there were some performing arts composed by Asian dancers and a lot of Gwangju citizens could enjoy the festival. To conclude, ACC will make many things better than beforehand.

Choi Shinae: The Asia Culture Center became the best symbol of Gwangju as a city of culture and art in both Korea and Asia. I guess that many centers and organizations related with cultural arts will be made and moved to Gwangju. The phenomenon will bring positive results with increases in employment and other economic effects. As well as cultural arts, the historical spirit from 5.18 Democratization Movement will be known firmly around the world.

Jang Dong Ha: I think that the Asia Culture Complex will change Gwangju. Many people anticipate that this city will be a representative Cultural City which will lead Asian culture. Especially a diverse collection of culture complexes could help make profits. Also, unemployment issues will be resolved through the Culture Complex since this institution will create jobs for 35,000 people. So I think that Gwangju will be a Cultural Hub City of Asia soon enough.

Hyunsung Yang : The ACC will change Gwangju, but I doubt that there are going to be many changes if ACC continues to exist as it does. Although ACC is still in its early stages, Gwangju citizens have no idea what the ACC is there for. This outcome is due to the lack of public relations from the Center. Moreover, since Gwangju needs more basic infrastructure for developing its culture industry, more time and effort are needed in order to be successful.

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