What are your plans for Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

Complied and edited by Cho Namhee and Joey Nunez

Kim So-yeeChristmas is a festival celebrated around the world, but people celebrate this day in different ways. For me, I used to spend the day with my friends, go to church or hold a party with my family. This Christmas, I would like to find my lover and then “get snowed” in together. This would be a special day for me this year. And then, when I greet the New Year, I would like to climb a mountain and pray special wishes for 2016, for all to be well in 2016.

Ki Ha-RiOn Christmas, I will go to church, because I believe that God exists. Also, I will meet my boyfriend and spend time with him. We will go skating and go to a Christmas festival. Then, on January 1, I will go to a sunrise attraction and make a wish. Then, I will eat rice soup with my relatives.

Kim Yeong-heeWhen I was young and in my 20s, I used to float so high every Christmas. I used to be interested in fun and active things like dancing with people in a club. For the past few years, however, I have preferred to get together with a small group of friends in a quiet coffee shop rather than visit noisy places, so that is what I am going to do this Christmas Eve. I would love to talk with them about what has been happening in their lives and hang out downtown to see the twinkling night-sights. And then, I will go to church to thank God on Christmas Day and on December 31. Also, I will not forget to buy a gift for myself for a year of hard work.

Shin Eun-Hwa: First, I will give Christmas cards and some presents to my family. Next, I will go to Everland with my friends to a Christmas festival held there on Christmas Day. We will have a pleasant time going on the rides. I will also donate money to a charity to help others and make everyone else happy on Christmas. It will be a great and fruitful time. But for next Christmas, I hope to spend time with a new boyfriend.

Lee Dong Won: I have never spent time with a girlfriend on Christmas or New Years Eve. To be honest, Christmas is not a special day. It is just a holiday, but many girls think that they want to spend that time together with a boyfriend on Christmas, as if they are movie stars. So, do not blame your girlfriend and try to be a “couch potato” on Christmas. Do your best for your girl on that day!

Song Dae Woo: The weather is getting colder as the end of the year is approaching. There are two huge end-of-the-year events, but one is not for me. Christmas Eve does not have much significance to me because I am not a Christian, so I have nothing special to do on that day. On New Years’ Eve, I will go to a mountain at midnight to see the sunrise. It is the beginning of 2016 and the end of 2015 at the same time. Reflecting helps to modify my plans for the upcoming year, and also helps me connect with the great spirit in nature to help me be a better man.

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