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Website Registration

Many Korean online shops are limited to registered members and require user registration for further access. When registering to become a member, most of the time there is no English version of the registration page. Instead of just randomly clicking around and guessing what something means during the sign-up process, refer to the list below!
회원가입 [hoe-won-ga-ip] / 가입하기 [ga-i-pa-gi]: sign-up/registration
The website registration process starts by clicking on the word 회원가입 or 가입하기. The word 회원 means “membership” and 가입 means “registration”.

성명 [seong-myeong]: name
성명 is a more formal version of the common Korean word for “name”, 이름 [i-reum].
이메일 [i-me-il]: e-mail
연락처 [yeol-lak-cheo]: phone number
Another word for phone number is 전화번호 [jeo-nwa-beo-no].
주민 등록 번호 [ju-min deung-nok beo-no]: Resident Registration Number
Many websites require an international user to register for website IDs by providing his/her resident registration number, a number that all Korean citizens are given. It is similar to national identification numbers in other countries.

외국인 등록 번호[oe-gu-gin deung-nok beo-no]: Alien Registration Number
This number is given to foreign residents to serve as an identification number when coming to Korea on a certain type of visa, such as a student or working visa. International residents (depending on the type of visa) can receive an Alien Registration Number (외국인 등록 번호) and an Alien Registration Card (외국인 등록증 [oe-gu-gin deung-nok-jjeung]). Some websites are difficult for international residents to sign up, but this practice has changed in recent years, now that most major websites have extended sign-ups to include international residents registering with an Alien Registration Number.

본인 인증 [bo-nin in-jeung]: identity confirmation
For certain registration sign-ups, identity confirmation is also required. This step is typically completed by the website sending a pin number to the mobile phone that is used for registering with the same resident registration number, 주민 등록 번호 [ju-min deung-nok beo-no], or with a foreigner registration number, 외국인 등록 번호 [oe-gu-gin deung-nok beo-no].

개인정보 [gae-in-jeong-bo]: personal information
동의 [dong-ui] / 동의 안 함 [dong-ui an ham]: accept / do not accept
For websites with user agreements, there are several terms and conditions on documents that the user must accept in order to continue with signing up. These agreements are usually in relation to how personal information can be or is going to be used for website management and future promotions.

개인 회원 [gae-in hoe-won]: personal account
Some websites allow a choice between personal accounts, 개인 회원, and corporate accounts, 법인 회원 [beo-bin hoe-won].

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