The ACC’s First Anniversary Festival: Symphony for ASIA November 24 to 27

Since its grand opening November 25, 2015, the Asia Culture Center (ACC) has progressively positioned itself as the hub of Asian culture and a must-see attraction of Gwangju City. Through countless efforts of organizing international exchange programs and art and cultural events, the ACC has successfully attracted thousands of domestic and international visitors. To celebrate the one year anniversary of its opening, the ACC’s First Anniversary Festival (AFAF), Symphony for Asia, the first international music festival, will be held at the complex November 24 to 27, hosting a diverse range of music concerts, contests, dance performances and much more.
The ACC has contributed to the city’s promotion of cultural and art awareness, which has been a true pleasure for citizens. From the grand opening ceremony performances to the regular events and performances held at the venue, the ACC has hosted hundreds of experts and celebrities, giving citizens plenty of surprises. This AFAF is no exception. The ACC has been calling for distinguished composers from around the world to submit their scores and as a result, musical pieces from the invited and commissioned composers will be played at the festival. Moreover, the festival features special ensembles from Japan, China and Hong Kong for the solidarity of Asian culture.
On the first day of the festival, a series of musical performances representing Gwangju, the Korean peninsula and Asia will be held to celebrate the ACC’s first anniversary. To begin the celebration, the Jindo National Gugak Center’s performance will start off in the lobby of Theatre 1, followed by the Gwangju Symphony Orchestra and the ACC-commissioned percussion performance group “Asian Beat.” The performance group “Asian Beat” was commissioned to four world famous composers, including Christian Mason, to explore and interpret unique Asian rhythms through the history, religion, culture and climate of Asia, creating a contemporary music piece. The group will have its special world premiere at the AFAF.
Yet another array of ensembles and performances is to be held on Day 2 and Day 3 of the festival. The second day of the celebration will include the famous Korean dancer Hong Sin-ja’s performance, as well as Japanese modern ensemble and world-renowned composer Michael Daugherty’s special lecture, adding more to the exuberance of the festival. This diverse festival will end with more music performances, special composition contests and music workshops.
Come and enjoy this festival of music and arts, and celebrate the ACC and Gwangju’s cultural advancement. A limited 50 daily admission package tickets are available online until November 11 at the price of 30,000 won per person. Individual tickets for performances will be sold afterward on the Asia Culture Center website at

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