Apple & Kimchi Ham Sandwich

Recipe & Photo by Joe Wabe

“What? You have never eaten an apple and kimchi sandwich? They are so easy, and good for you, like all things kimchi. For those of you who might have any lingering doubts as to how truly easy and delicious this sandwich is to make, go ahead and give it a try.  The taste of apples, kimchi, and ham with the rest of the veggies and yogurt will not disappoint. It is a beautiful spring combination.


Toasted grain bread
Plain yogurt

3 slices of ham

1 slice of cheese

Thin slices of apple

Thin slices of onion
Thin slices of bell pepper
Thin slices of fresh tomato



After toasting the bread slather as much (or as little) yogurt as you like, add a slice of cheese to the bottom layer. Then add a layer of lettuce, apples, onion, bell pepper and kimchi. Top with a second layer of bread, and then add the ham and tomato plus an extra layer of lettuce and apples.  Cut the sandwich in half easier eating. Enjoy!

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