The Boseong Green Tea Fields

Yet another year draws to a close. Leafless trees and gloomy weather only make you want to stay at home with stacks of woolen blankets. But why not enjoy hot green tea in a tranquil garden and treasure the last moments of 2015 with the GIC Tour?

Less than an hour’s drive away from Gwangju, original Korean green tea fields will be the main focus point of the GIC Tour’s final excursion for 2015.  You may have heard of Daehan Dawon, a place your friends or colleagues may have boasted about visiting before. This December, GIC Tour will take you to a secret hidden garden for an advantage over your peers. You will visit Bohyang Tea Farm and will learn all about green tea from tea-making to tea-drinking etiquette.

Choi Yeong gi, the 5th generation owner of the farm, is confident that no other farms or institutes in the area provide the same high quality teas that his farm provides. His vigorous research on teas has led to his success in growing organic green teas and obtaining various certifications from domestic and international organizations, such as the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service (NAQS) and the International Organic Certification from the United States, Japan and Europe.

After learning how to make teas and sipping a few cups yourself, your stomach will surely begin to growl. A special lotus leaf, “jeongshik,” will be prepared for you for you as you enjoy the sounds and tastes of Boseong. Besides green teas, cockles are also one of Boseong’s signatures. Boiled or eaten raw, the taste hints that sea waves are close.

The final tour of the year cannot end without seeing the winter sea. A few winding roads over hills and Yulpo Beach comes into view. Gentle waves and salty sea air relieves the stress of weary travelers.

Close out 2015 with the GIC in the exotic world of green teas! At the end of the tour, participants will head back to the GIC to enjoy the “Adios 2015” event, where the members will recap the 2015 GIC Tour season and discuss 2016 tours.  There will be food, games, activities, discounted items, and more!


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