GIC Tour: November, Jindo

This November, we are going to the Southern island of Jindo, which is full of things to see and enjoy! Jindo is the third largest island in Korea, and Jindo means “precious” and “stone,” so Jindo is called “Precious Island” or “Stone Island.” So, how many things do you know about Jindo? Jindo dogs, Jindo Arirang, Myeongnyang Battle… We got more! Keep reading!

We will start off the day by going to the Marine Energy Park. We will watch a short film that gives an explanation of the historical site. Here is where the epic battle of Myeongnyang happened. At this site, we can see a huge statue of General Yi Sun Shin, who fought 133 enemy ships with only 12 panokseon (turtle-shaped battleship) and came out successful. At this site the waves are really strong, as they go through Uldolmok (narrow seaway). It is really a show that nature gives, since a glass pathway has been installed to enjoy the ocean under your feet. During this sea walk you cross the Uldolmok from above, allowing you to enjoy the sound of waves crashing and the scenery.

After being surrounded by all the beauty of the ocean energy, we will be hungry for an impressive home-made pork cutlet and pizza. Now, do not be fooled, this pork cutlet is mouthwatering, and the dish will be served with a side of amazing scenery, since the restaurant is located on a high spot that overlooks the Jindo Sea in all of its beauty. But that is not all, here we can purchase Hongju (red alcohol made from herbal medicine) which is a delicacy of Jindo that is known to have several health benefits. Dreamy enough? There is still more to experience in Jindo!

After eating our delicious lunch and being calmly inspired by the ocean (and Hongju), we will head to the Jindo Local Community Center to watch a pansori performance with traditional Korean music, instruments and songs.
We will then visit Ullimsabang (art house) where Sochi Heo Ryeon lived, who was a master of landscape painting during the Joseon Dynasty. People named this house “Ullimsanbang” because the fog in the mountains made it look like a cloud forest. In this location, we will take a walk around the traditional garden with a pond. Also, we will be touring around the Memorial Hall of Ryeon, and the Joseon Dynasty. Afterwards, we will create and design our own personal eco bag, using ancient drawing techniques.
After reading this preview, will you be joining us for this month’s tour? Do not miss out on discovering unexplored areas and delicacies of Jindo with us! Sign up now, seats are limited!
GIC Jindo Tour

Time & Date: Saturday, November 26 9:00-19:00
Registration: By Sunday, November 20
Participation Fees: 25,000 (GIC Members), 35,000 (Non-members)
Inquiry: Jeongmin Lee 062.226.2733 / [email protected]

Lunch: Home-made Pork Cutlet & Pizza
Jindo Local Community Center
Ullimsanbang: Making an Eco Bag.


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