Photo of the Month: August 2017

Written and photographed by A.P. Tolang

Summertime is really hot in South Korea. Normal daily life becomes very difficult. Everybody wants relief from the hot weather. When people have free time, they go swimming or to the beach, and play in fountains. I also planned to go to the beach in Wando. Myeongsa-simni is a very famous beach in the southern part of South Korea. During the summer season Wando is full of visitors, so it is hard to easily find a motel.

This is also my favorite beach in South Korea. When I had returned to my motel after swimming at Wando beach, I saw some children playing in a fountain. I didn’t want to leave this opportunity of summertime water fountain play undocumented, so I also played in the fountain and took some memorable photos. That was really cool and fun for me. What can be more important than playing in water during the summer?

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