Photo of the Month: December 2017

Written and photographed by Karina Prananto

I took this photo during the last couple of weeks of autumn in Damyang. The place is called Damyang Gwanbangjerim Forest (담양관방제림), which is located just across from the Damyang Bamboo Forest. While most people go to Mudeungsan, Baekyangsa or Naejangsan for viewing autumn leaves, I prefer going to much less famous places so I can appreciate the quiet walk. The trees are around 200 to 300 years old, so they provide a relaxing shade and one can easily forget the time while walking under the beautiful colors of red, yellow and golden. It is flat ground so anyone of any age can enjoy walking around the area. I am glad I found this place and I will surely go back there to see the autumn next year!

The Author
Karina is from Jakarta, Indonesia, and has been calling Gwangju home for 11 years. She loves mystery books, is obsessed with cleanliness, and always reads horror books before going to sleep.

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