Photo of the Month: July 2017

Written and photographed by Lorryn Smit

Sunday afternoons are my favorite. Usually after some chores and work, I go and enjoy some relaxing time in the park while my two dogs play. I reflect on the happiness of the past week and the new challenges that face me in the next. It’s a time that I get to enjoy watching my dogs being dogs. The utter delight they feel as they sniff the grass and play with other dogs gives me that same feeling of happiness. It’s almost a meditation-like experience.

This particular Sunday was a cloudy afternoon. I was sure it would rain and felt bad for my boys because that meant they had to stay indoors. I continued to work through my “to-do” list, and at around 5:30 p.m., it looked like the weather would hold up. I packed up a beer and the mat, and escorted the two little wagging tails to their playground.

It had been a very productive week, and I was sitting, feeling accomplished and at peace. One of my dogs’ friends arrived, and her family placed themselves near this particular scene. When I greeted them, I noticed how beautiful the greenery looked and how the leaves caught the light perfectly.

To me, this picture embodies everything I enjoy about a warm Sunday afternoon.

Shot with my iPhone 7, edited with VSCO cam.

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