Still Photographs Keep Memories Alive!

Written and photographed by Fahima Mukta

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love to take pictures. Photography is a beautiful way to express our thoughts about any situation, and it is said that a beautiful photograph can say more than a thousand words. Showing beauty to others is something many of us humans love to do, and photography is one way we can share that beauty.

Some people do photography as a profession, while others just like to snap pictures to capture their memories. In our daily life, we experience many things that we want to capture. Carrying and managing a professional camera all the time can be overbearing: this is why cellphone cameras are gaining popularity.

Many of us are constantly taking random photos using our phone’s cameras, but we don’t realize that these cameras can turn out legitimate, quality photos. Just a few weeks ago, I too was ignorant about what my phone’s camera could do. However, I was lucky enough to join Lorryn Smit’s Smartphone Photography Workshop in August, and this has opened my eyes to the world of photographic possibilities using my smartphone.

I’ve always liked to capture pictures using my phone, but before attending the workshop, I did everything without really having any idea what I was doing. I would simply use the filters my phone’s photo application offered – but I didn’t know that this would actually sometimes make my pictures look fake or unappealing. I didn’t know the actual meaning of a lot of the technical terms or how and where I should make changes when editing my photos. This class gave me a clear overview about the technical terms and the methods of using photo editing applications on my phone.

The class also helped me a lot to crop my pictures in a professional way. I think the tips I learned will help me to make my pictures more realistic and beautiful. The most interesting part of this class was the hands-on session after the lecture, which gave those who attended the class the opportunity to apply the methods we had learned in the presentation and compare their effectiveness to our previous photography. Taking outdoor pictures with renewed enthusiasm was very refreshing and enjoyable.

In summary, Lorryn’s Smartphone Photography Workshop was very interesting and helpful to me, and I hope it will help others who are interested in learning about the basics of smartphone photography.

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