Athletes Village, Where Diversity and Friendship Shine

Reconstructed Athletes Village Regenerates the City

5 Designated Hospitals, Quality Meals, and Prayer Room Prepared

Scheduled to Open June 26 for 12,600 Residents

The Gwangju Universiade’s Athletes Village has been reconstructed into an environment-friendly complex within the city center. Through private capital investments, it will contribute to regenerating the city after utilization as Athletes Village and ITO Village.

Athletes Village, a Reconstructed Apartment Within the City Will Operate in Three Zones

Athletes Village_1The Athletes Village nested in Hwaun-ro (previously Hwajeong-dong), Seo-gu, Gwangju has already completed its lease to the general public. The residence will go through a partial repair process at its completion in March 2016 after the Gwangju Universiade and then be returned to its tenants. The Athletes Village is five minutes away from the Universiade Main Stadium, achieving superb accessibility.

At the Athletes Village, a total of 12,600 athletes, officials and ITOs will reside in 2,445 units of 22 buildings. Construction began in November 2012 and was completed mid-May this year.

The Athletes Village is divided into the International Zone, the Residential Zone, and the ITO Zone.

The registration center, Athletes Village hospital and other special facilities for visitors and athletes will be set up in the International Zone. At the visitors’ information center within the International Zone, various promotional items and souvenirs, information guides, maps, etc. will be provided to the athletes.

The Residential Zone is composed of the athletes’ accommodations, bank, post office, convenience store, laundromat, playroom, lounge, exhibition hall, souvenir shop, etc.A cafeteria that accommodates 3,500 people and provides meals to 12,000 athletes and officials is available at the Residential Zone. Five different types of cuisine, including Western cuisine, Korean cuisine, and halal food, will be prepared for the athletes.

Athletes_3The ITO Zone will include the ITO dormitory, cafeteria, and amenities.

Amenities such as banks, convenience stores, hair salons, and dry cleaning centers will be available at the Athletes Village. Recreational facilities including lounges, playrooms, a table tennis center, a nail salon as well as health sports facilities such as fitness centers, will be available. Various religious facilities such as a Protestant prayer room, a Catholic prayer room, an Islamic prayer room, and a Buddhist prayer room will be installed.

In order to visit the Athletes Village, an entrance pass must be issued at the Guest Pass Center, and access is limited to certain zones.

The athletes will collectively reside in a space provided with a kitchen and other amenities. Allocation will be four to six people per 59㎡, seven people per 84㎡, seven people per 101㎡, and one to three people in a single room.

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