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Published on March 28th, 2012 | by Stephen Redeker

This Month in Gwangju: April 2012

By Stephen Redeker

Michael Shultz: Honorary Citizen of Gwangju City

Michael Shultz became an honorary citizen of Gwangju city. Mayor Un-Tae Kang paid recognition to him at a ceremony held at City Hall on February 24th to recognize Schultz’s efforts in promoting Gwangju’s art community to the rest of the world. He is one of the more powerful figures in Germany’s art scene; establishing the “Munich Arts Fair” and serving as a member of the Germany Gallery Union. Schultz heads the Michael Shultz Gallery, among the best art galleries in Germany. He played a big role in bringing the contemporary art of Joseph Beuys to Gwangju last year, and also paved the way for local artists Seo Sugyeong, Son Bongchae and Kim Yuseob to be recognized internationally. Having an infinite affection for Gwangju, Schultz will continue to promote the culture and art scene of this city.

Google Map of Gwangju

There’s an online map of Gwangju that will continually be updated and edited. Strict guidelines apply, but anyone may edit the map to include fresh, timely information to help expats and Koreans alike find points of interest. Historic sites usually remain intact, however, many shops and other locations change over time so the benefit lies in being able to update this information. That way we won’t be stuck looking around for a store that closed a few months ago. Take a look at the map and contribute today.

Medical Checks at Night

The Mayor of Gwangju announced that citizens will have the ability to receive medical checkups weekdays until 9pm. This is the first time and city inKoreathat health examination centers will be open for business at night. Three health centers will be included in this program: Suhgwang hospital (Seo-gu Kumho-dong), Gwangju Ilgok hospital (Buk-gu Ilgok-dong), and Eun hospital (Buk-gu Duam-dong). According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the National Statistic Office, Gwangju citizens rank among the highest in overall health in all ofKorea. Compared to the rest ofKorea, Gwangju actually ranks low in percentage of people who get regular medical checks (56%). One possible reason is that there is not enough time to get a medical exam by those individuals working a long day shift. Thankfully, these people now have the ability to receive this service with more convenience and comfort.

Gwangju Groups Educating Migrant Families and Tourists

The Gwangju Sightseeing Bureau and Gwangju Multi Cultural Network Association started a program to hire talented Koreans who can speak foreign languages in helping foreign visitors. There are over two hundred thousand visitors coming to Gwangju annually, so the need is apparent for such a service. With plans in the future for a secondKimDaejungConvention Center, as well as the National Asia Culture center, help for foreign visitors will be in high demand.

In Gwangsan-gu, a multi-cultural family support center was opened to provide Korean language education for married migrant women. The class covers beginner and intermediate levels as well as a TOPIK class. The classes are three times a week for two hours and run until November. The center also provides for remote education options for those who cannot attend the classes in person. Childcare is also provided. The center hopes to add stability to these families by helping migrant women be educated about and comfortable in their local community.

Seo-gu also will provide an educational opportunity for low-income multi-cultural families during this next year. Seo-gu, in collaboration with Woongjin Thinkbig (Home Study Material Inc.), will select twenty five households containing women and children (ages 3–7) who cannot speak Korean. A home-study teacher will visit their home every week and teach private lessons. Inquiries: 062-360-7959

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