Old Seoul

There are a great many places in Korea that are perfectly suited to the romance associated with February. Jeju, Geoje, and Nami Island all advertise themselves as romance destinations, sure, but many destinations can be equally romantic for those looking to simply relax and be immersed in their partner’s presence. One of our best recommendations for couples in this most romantic month is a weekend trip to Bukchon in Seoul.

Endless Opportunities
Located northeast of Insadong, this neighborhood is also very central to the more cultural areas of the city. Along with its sightseeing opportunities, Bukchon is probably the best possible place a visitor wanting a taste of “Old Korea” could stay the night. Famous for its neighborhood of traditional hanok houses in the middle of an ultra-modern Seoul, Bukchon Hanok Village is a beautiful juxtaposition for the skyscrapers you can see a mere few blocks away. This neighborhood has many “homestay” properties where visitors can stay in accommodations reminiscent of Joseon-era Korea. Endlessly photogenic and a great place to get lost in alleyways between tea breaks, we find ourselves returning time and time again.

Bukchon Magic
Traditional Korean architecture is wonderful to see in ultra-modern Seoul and provides a beautiful backdrop to a romantic weekend. In areas like Bukchon, you can still find clusters of these houses, and the charm and traditional feel of this royal neighborhood justifies its affluent vibe. Entering this area has a transformative effect on visitors: one that is welcoming as well as fascinating. This fantasy neighborhood is the perfect place to be lost with a loved one, eating street foods, venturing out to other areas of Seoul, and exploring some of the city’s most traditional properties.

Romantic Bukchon
It will likely come as no surprise that this area is exceedingly popular with tourists as well as couples. While being distinctly quieter than other tourist areas, Bukchon also retains the distinct advantage of not having subways and buses congesting the area. A walk in the neighborhoods of this historic district provides ample nooks and crannies for ducking away from prying eyes and the mass of people that visit daily. To add to the romance of Bukchon, one can easily rent hanbok clothing from several vendors in the area to make your photos all the more memorable. The city of Seoul does a lot to discourage noise in this area for the sake of the residents, so an extended stroll through Bukchon is likely to be one of the more peaceful and serene experiences you could have in the middle of any massive city. For those wishing to enhance their experience further or simply need a reason to stay a bit longer, many of the properties in the neighborhood offer “hanok-stay programs” where visitors can stay the night in the beautiful and memorable houses. A weekend stay in the Bukchon area is not only guaranteed to be a remarkable experience, but one of serene tranquility.

Bukchon Getaway
Whether visiting for the first time, the hundredth, or simply going for a romantic weekend to one of the quietest areas of Seoul, Bukchon is sure to delight even the most discerning traveler. With its charms, culture, food, shopping, architecture, aesthetic beauty, and Jongno background, this neighborhood is one that cannot be overlooked. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we cannot think of a more lighthearted and fun location for a romantic getaway than renting hanbok clothing and spending a few nights in one of Bukchon’s many beautiful hanok houses.

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